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    We believe the secret of success is constancy to purpose.
    Up to now Customized Metal Keychain becomes the most common souvenir and popular promotional items! A standard advertising key chain will carry the businesses name, contact information and often a logo, which can spread your brands well.

    Our Various Types of Keychains:

    ● Open designed metal keychains            ● Photo etched keychains
    ● Printed metal keychains                         ● Stamped with coloring keychains
    ● Stamped without coloring keychains      ● Zinc alloy keychains            ● Pewter keychains

    Metal keychain

    Multi Colors Options

    No Touch Door Opener / Keychain

    New Keychain for Avoiding Virus Infection

    Charm keychain

    3D keychain

    Metal keychain

    Key shape keychain

    Spinning keychain

    Carabiner keychain

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